Gold Medal Poster Presentations 2021


Virtual Wrightington John Charnley Gold Medal Research Meeting on Zoom

Thursday 17th June 2021

at 7.45pm with the presentations starting at 8.00pm.



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1.       The impact of legalising electric scooters: a prospective cohort study

          Presenting Author:  D Bodansky

          Other Authors: M Grant, M Gach, M Solari, N Nehbani, J Banks, G Cheung


2.       Variation in the Surgical Anatomy of the Long Thoracic Nerve 

          Presenting Author:   N Ormsby

Other Authors: D Hawkes, C Y Ng


3.       Safety and Cost Effectiveness of Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block with Sedation in Reverse total Shoulder Replacement

Presenting Author:  Kiran Ramesh

Other Authors: Muhammad Yusuf, Navnit Makaram, Ross Milton, Aji Mathew, Makaram Srinivasan


4.       Reliability and validity of the Wrightington classification of elbow fracture dislocation

Presenting Author:  Zaid Hamoodi

Other Authors: J Singh, M Elvey, AC Watts


5.       Long-term results from the use of a pre-fabricated articulating antibiotic-loaded cement spacer (Spacer G) in two-stage revisions

          for infected total hip replacements

Presenting Author:   Muhammad Abuzar Yusuf

Other Authors: Usmaan Halim; Subhash Sharma; Azeem Ahmed; Mohammed Shatwan; Akshath Adapa; Rama Mohan.


6.       Mortality and Morbidity amongst patients with neck of femur fracture with

Covid 19 when compared to those without - A case control study

Presenting Author:  Mr. Nuthan Jagadeesh

Other Authors: Miss Debbie Shaw, Mr. Sachindra Kapadi, Dr. Venkatesh Deva, Dr. Deepak Chennabasappa


7.       Mortality amongst Neck of Femur Fractures with COVID-19 in 2020 - Lessons Learned?

Presenting Author:  Mr. Nuthan Jagadeesh

Other Authors: Miss. Debbie Shaw, Mr. Sachindra Kapadi, Dr. Venkatesh Deva, Dr. Deepak Chennabasappa


8.       Carbon dioxide levels in orthopaedic surgical helmets  

Presenting Author:  Chris Whelton

Other Authors: Jon Barrow, Rohit Singhal, Tim Board


9.       Development of Revision Hip Complexity Classification (RHCC)

Presenting Author:  Justin Leong

Other Authors: Rohit Singhal, Jonathan Howell, Andy Hamer, Vikas Khanduja, Michael Whitehouse, Tim Board


10.       Revision Hip Arthroplasty Using A Modular Tapered Stem: Indications For Revision and Reproduction of Limb Biomechanics

Presenting Author:  Graham Hastie, Sanjeev Ravi

Other Authors:  Mr T Board


11.     The use of 3-D printing for operative planning in a tertiary referral hip centre

Presenting Author:  William Dominic Marley

Other Authors: Tim Board


12.     National Joint Registry recorded untoward intraoperative events during primary total hip arthroplasty: 

             An investigation into the data accuracy, causal mechanisms and attributability

Presenting Author: Rohit Singhal 

Other Authors: Justin Leong, Asim Rajpura, Martyn Porter, Tim Board


13.     Variation in practice of measures to reduce prosthetic joint infection (PJI) in primary hip and knee arthroplasty: a national survey

Presenting Author:  Lee Hoggett

Other Authors: Sophie Rogers, John Ranson, Andrew Sloan


14.     Patient Activation in Lower Limb Arthroplasty: Quantitative assessment of patient activation

          following a pre-operative patient education programme and correlation with patient reported disease severity.

Presenting Author:  Lee Hoggett

Other Authors: Jess Blong, Heather Robinson, Awais Bokhari, Andrew Sloan


15.     Should we change our follow-up of total hip arthroplasty?

Presenting Author:  Mohannad Ammori

Other Authors: Michael Haynes, Michael Girgis, Martyn Lovell


16.     An unconventional remedy to an unstable, infected total hip prosthesis with pelvic discontinuity.

 Presenting Author:  Keith Behram Tamboowalla.

 Other Authors: William Marley, Adeel Aqil, Sunil Panchani, Nikhil Shah.